Live life as the best possible version of yourself by waking up refreshed and ready to slay your day with Awakend Unwind. Non-habit-forming, Unwind’s breakthrough nanotechnology provides nano-sized ingredients to micro-sized cells, delivering instant, enhanced absorption for the sleep you've only dreamed of.*

Falling asleep — and staying asleep — grows more difficult with age. Even the heaviest sleepers may struggle to attain the elusive rest we all need. Stress, worry, muscle aches, too much caffeine, not enough exercise — the list goes on and on. And so does the list of products created to aid a good night’s sleep.

The problem with many sleep aids is that in addition to known concerns about dependency, addiction, and long-term health consequences, clinical studies prove that many ingredients have relatively low to no absorption when ingested orally. Simply put, your body isn’t designed to absorb certain molecules because they are too large for your body to absorb. So, even if you are taking in great sleep-promoting ingredients, your body may not be absorbing them properly. By reducing the particle size, more actually makes it to the cell.  You can maximize your absorption and increase efficacy by minimizing the size!


Unwind harnesses the science of nanotechnology, which works by reducing the particle size of different ingredients. This process allows the nanosized particles to be more easily absorbed and bypass the digestive tract, ensuring maximized absorption and bioavailability. To sum it up, you get more for less and feel the effects sooner.

Nano supplements are special. They are absorbed through all tissue membranes. Unlike regular food that has to be broken down, these are ready to go because they are already in the smallest possible size, a nanometer size. The beauty of this size is they are not stopped by the regular digestive processes and even cell walls. Nano-particles get where they need to go to do what they need to do!

In human clinical trials, key ingredients in Unwind had the following effects on sleep:


  • Supports the body’s natural circadian rhythms and promotes healthy sleep.*1

Tart Cherry Juice

  • Research suggests tart cherry juice may help people sleep.*2

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)

  • Works on the brain and the central nervous system by giving the brain “a break.”*3


  • Research indicates 5HTP helps raise serotonin levels in the brain.*4


  • An amino acid shown to help promote relaxation, better sleep, clarity, and a positive mood.*4


  • May help reduce stress, calm your mood and improve sleep.*5


  • Has been shown to reduce stress, calm the mind and, promote better sleep*6


Unwind’s nanosized formula comes in a convenient pump bottle. Eight pumps orally, five minutes before bed, and let the dreams begin!

At Awakend, we believe that every day should be nurtured and celebrated. Get the most out of your 24 hours with the powerful duo of Uplift and Unwind. Get the daily edge without the crash. Enjoy restorative sleep without counting sleep or stressing over to-do lists. Get more of your 24, with Awakend.