Get your results in by May 19 to be considered a winner!

By tapping into your body’s innate ability to heal and transform, aided by Zenith™ — the clinically proven, science-based fat loss accelerating rockstar, and a supportive Awakend Nation, there’s NOTHING you can’t do!* With INCREDIBLE prizes and celebrity recognition, this 8-week challenge isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced:

  • FREE daily workouts 

  • FREE meal plans 

  • FREE weekly nutritional and mindset coaching 

  • An Awakend community that wants YOU to succeed

Having someone help snap your pics is helpful, and so are these tips on how to take the best before and afters:


  • Wear clothes that show your shape (workout clothing, etc.) 

  • Wear the same clothes in both your before and after photos

  • Use a plain wall as a background in natural light

  • Maintaining good posture, take a full-body photo at eye level 

  • Try shooting from three different angles, the changes will be more noticeable

360º VIDEO

  • It’s best to have a friend take a video of you as you slowly turn in a circle with your arms outstretched.

  • If flying solo, use the video feature on your phone camera, tap “record.”

  • With your arms outstretched, move your device slowly in a circle to the left or right. When you complete the circle, end the recording!

With three winning categories for both 1st and 2nd place, you’ve got multiple ways to win!*

1st PLACE: Women, Men, Team*

  • $1,500 (USD) cash + BowFlex Treadmill 10 (Retail Value: $1999)

  • Recognition by Awakend

  • Video Testimonial Feature in AWAKENDnews

2nd PLACE: Women, Men, Team*

  • $1,000 (USD) cash 

  • Recognition by Awakend

  • Feature in AWAKENDnews