AWAKENDmind Headset


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The AWAKENDmind Headset delivers a relaxing experience which combines gentle light and sound therapy delivered to the ears and the eyes, directly upgrading the brain. This signaling entrains specific brainwaves to create peak states ranging from focused flow and enhanced learning, to better mood and deeper sleep. This powerful brain fitness device helps to train your brain with each session showing measurable results so you can get stronger, healthier, and happier.

Research shows in a single session a 38% improvement on the stress index scale, a 27% improvement on overall neurological markers, and an increased heart rate variability for improved metabolic health.

Used by top doctors, athletes, executives, high performers, and celebrities like Mariell Hemmingway, Jim Kwik, Dave Asprey, David Sinclair and Jack Canfield for world class results, and now available to you as a member of Awakend Nation.