Registration: April 17 - May 4, 2024 @ 11:59 PM PT

Ever Wonder WHY?

If we all have the same 24 hours in a day, why do some seem to struggle to make it through while others flow with ease, performing at their peak?

The answer? They have discovered the secret to unlocking their flow state. Now you can do the same.


Get the EDGE

Access what top performers and elite athletes have known about for years that exists naturally inside of every cell of your body.

Tap into your circadian flow to do more, have more and be more - ALL with ease.


Optimize Your CLOCKS

The secret to MORE is found in the clocks of your cells. These important timekeepers can either help you get in or out of sync to your natural health rhythms, flow, and function. 

When you understand your biological clocks and how to work with them, your body, mind and life start to line up in ways you didn’t even realize were possible.


Unlock Your Circadian FLOW

Your circadian rhythms direct every cell in the body and influence hundreds of metabolic actions that impact how you think, feel, and perform.

Flow is a positive mental state of effortless attention where you are deeply absorbed in your activities. Yet in this state, there is no feeling of exerting effort. It's as if time stands still.

Circadian flow is the process of understanding your biology. With this understanding you can pair up your habits, lifestyle and actions to create an effortless state of enhanced well-being. This phenomena aligns you to work with your body and not against it. The result? Efficiency, energy, and the expression of positive transformation as you awaken into greater states of health, wealth and self.

Join Dr. Stephanie Rimka and Dr. Melissa Petersen as they guide you over a 4 week journey to mastering your inner potential for greater states of health and wellbeing.


What to E X P E C T

Week 1: Upgrade Your Health With Light 

Learn the powerful inputs that drive your clocks and how you can leverage them in only a few minutes a day for improved health expression.

Week 2: Set Your Clocks for Maximum Energy 

Design your life around your clocks for maximum efficiency, improved metabolic health and enhanced vitality.

Week 3: Harness Flow for Peak States

Discover your breath and brainwave connection. Learn the practices to align your mind and get in flow for increased peak performance states.

Week 4: Flow Triggers

Create an environment that supports your expression of enhanced health and well-being.


Connect with COMMUNITY

Connect and engage with like minds and hearts on a mission to unlock greater states of energy, health, performance and wellbeing.  

Each week for 4 weeks, you will be able to access the course content, join a live weekly class with the doctors, and collaborate with fellow Circadian Flow members. But most importantly, you will begin to unleash your own innate super powers to create more of what you want to experience. More vitality, more energy, more health... more YOU.


  • All Registrants Facebook Live: May 1, 2024 at 5 PM PT

  • Program Dates: May 5 – June 1, 2024

  • Every Sunday: Weekly Course Video Lessons & Workbook Are Available

  • Every Wednesday: Facebook Live With Dr. Stephanie Rimka and Dr. Melissa Petersen 5 PM PT